Though we can print just about any high-res file you throw at us, we prefer vector graphics, generally saved as .ai and .eps.

If you are submitting a Raster file (generally .psd, .jpg, .png, etc) please note the “RASTER TIPS” section.

We use ADOBE CC products. If you are using COREL products, or freeware (GIMP / INKSCAPE), please export as one of the above file types.





Expand / Outline your fonts, or include the font file you’ve used in your artwork.

This keeps us from having to find the font or bug you for it. Font problems delay a good amount of our orders, so tell your designer this is important!


If you’re in PSD, simply right click your text layer (in your layer panel) and select “Rasterize Layer.”

If you know what pantones you’d like used in your prints, specify the PANTONE numbers in your files, or in the related emails.

Make sure you’re using an up to date, physical, PANTONE SOLID COATED Color Book when choosing colors. Keep in mind that PANTONE colors can vary in appearance from the final result when on-screen.


Send us the biggest, unmerged file you have.

Whether you’re working in raster or vector, The more we have to work with, the better your print will come out. Try to work in layers, and avoid flattening (psd) or merging(ai) your final designs, even if you think that’ll help.


VECTOR TIPS (.ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf)


Avoid clipping masks

Clipping masks use a ton of system resources, and compatibility is a nightmare when importing from previous versions of Illustrator. Try getting to know the Pathfinder tool.


Avoid raster embeds

Embedding raster graphics (whether textures or otherwise) in illustrator files does NOT turn these files into vectors, and in such, keeps the images subject to their initial resolution. Try the Live Trace tool if you’re looking to convert rasters to vectors.


RASTER TIPS (.psd, .jpg, .png, .gif)


Avoid upscaling low-resolution graphics.

Raster files need to be CREATED in 300dpi or they are generally too low of quality to print reliably. This does not mean to use Image Size to upscale your image; it means a different, larger file is needed.

Often times we’ll tell clients that we need 300dpi images to print well, and they’ll send previously 72dpi images upscaled (with image size) to 300dpi. This does not make the file printable!

If you designed your shirt in 72dpi,we’re sorry! Stop in and we’ll give you some quick tips to make sure you feel confident designing for screen printing.


When creating a new file in photoshop, set your DPI to 300, and your image size to your desired final size (plus an inch or two for framing) in inches.

After setting this, don’t use the Image Size tool unless you’re going resizing smaller. This solves 90% of the print problems we encounter with raster files!


Design on a transparent background.

Another big problem that pops up are PSD designs flattened onto the ‘Background’ layer. To avoid this, set the background color to “transparent” in the “New File” dialog.


Working in layers allows us to quickly separate your file, and find errors that could lead to costly printing problems.




Plastisol with an underlay. Exception for dark prints on light garments.



Water based ink that leaves a soft feel. Durable and more eco-friendly  print method used primarily on 100% cotton tees.



A pigment-less “bleaching” method that leaves the leaves the printed area the natural color of the cotton. This method leaves the print without feel once washed. Only works properly on 100% cotton.



A white pigment “bleaching” method that leaves little feel once washed. Only works properly on 100% cotton.




Our max print size is 15” x 20.”

Our ideal print size for most garments is 12″ x 17″

Our print size may be different for specialty garments and locations of imprint. (eg. an oversize design may not print on a tank top of smaller dimensions)

All inside tag artwork must fit within a 3.5” x 3.5” box and have all fonts and type outlined/expanded.

We cannot guarantee printability for type under 12pt or stroke under 1pt. that’s PT, not PX.

We are happy to rebuild your art files to ensure a great print. Any graphics that DO NOT meet the minimum requirement will be discussed and offered a rebuild. All fees will be discussed prior to rebuild.

if you have any additional questions, feel free to email:



Customers that wish to bring in their own garments, their are a few thing you should know prior to birng in your products.

 • Products must be able to be printed according to the preferred printing methods

     i.e. plastisol must used on 100% cotton or 50/50 blends and not on rayon, silk etc.

• We are not responsible for replacing items with misprints, errors or dirts etc.

• Minimum of 50 of the same Items are required for customers to be able to bring their own products.

• Products must be free of packaging such as bags labels etc. Removal of any of labels or packaging will accrue and additional charge.


Turnaround Times


Our standard turnaround time for Plastisol Printing is 3-4 business days.  Discharge and water based inks are 4-5 days turnaround time. We strive to meet most turnaround times, but there may be instances of delays beyond our control due to product availability and / or shipping from vendors and manufacturing. All turnaround times may change without notice. Time frame for turnaround time does begin until payment has been received and final proof has been approved. 24 Hour rush turnaround time also available upon request and availability but will also accrue and rush fee.




Hey, can you guys print me some shirts?

Yes. Can you give us a little more info?


How much does it cost?

There are three big factors in what “it” will cost; your garment blank, your design to be printed, and how many of them you want to print. If you’re working on a budget, please let us know, and we’ll inform you of some options.


What are your minimums?

Our minimum print run for any 1 design (1 to 5 colors) is 12 garments. ( A $25 Set Up Fee Per Color Per Location May Apply.)

Our minimum print run for any 1 design (1 to 4 colors) is 24 garments. No Set Up Fee

Our minimum print run for any 1 design (6 to 8 colors) is 48 garments. No Set Up Fee


How quickly can I get shirts through you?

We strive to have a standard turnaround time between 3-4 business days. Keep in mind that your turnaround time won’t begin until we’ve worked with you to finalize an invoice and layout, and received a 50% deposit (on orders over $300 and full payment for orders under $300) to put your order on our production schedule. If you need shirts sooner than that, please let us know right away so that we can see if we can accommodate for your needs. If that is the case we may need to charge you a rush fee.


Do I have to bring my design or can you help me with it?

We actually have a designer on staff and are happy to help you with your designs and have a couple of payment options for that. Feel free to shoot us an email to ask us about design options.


What kinds of payment can I use to pay for my order?

We happily accept Cash, Check or Credit Card. We do not use Paypal  no Personal checks for final payments.


Can you ship my order to me?

Yes, while our default is to assume you’ll swing by the shop to pick up your shirts, we’re happy to ship your shirts to you. We’ll gladly ship to any US address once the invoice has been paid in full. Shipping time is not considered part of our turnaround time.


I’ve got more questions, can I call you or meet with you?

Please, use us as a resource and ask away. We do not have a phone, but we’re quite zippy on email (during business hours). We’d love for you to shoot us an e­mail at and set up a time to meet with us, so we can answer your questions.


Call Us at 951.588.9808

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Phone 951.588.9808

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